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The starting point for every pair of DEEOHS shoes is the craft of Huarache leather weaving, tracing back to the hands of traditional artisans who created the original iconic shoe of Mexico.

As proud Mexican brothers who grew up surrounded by the shoe industry in a big factory and small house, we saw this learned work being done all through our childhood by the men and women of our city, Leon, which has long been established as the footwear capital of the Americas.



We pay homage this centuries old craft of Mexican Huarache making by working very closely with small independent artisans to help keep this historic art in our region, helping to grow their business and manufacturing abilities. The artisans we partner with work in a small factory outside of Sahuayo Michoacan, the birthday place of the Huarache, and some small villages that surround their city. It's a beautifully small Mexican town and this factory is the leading income generator for the residents. Similar to our own factory, all the employees of this factory are over the age of 18 years old and receive fair wages 25% to 30% above the national average. All artisans work in a safe and healthy working environment. We are able to allow some of our artisans to work from home so they can take care of younger generation and as part of their future our management provides impactful benefits and improvements to their city.



This is more than just a professional partnership - the artisans who hand-weave the high-quality leather uppers of our shoes are our Mexican countrymen and part of our family. We are honored that they share their wisdom and expertise when creating our shoes. They have incredibly high standards for their work and consistently produce to best of their abilities to create something special. They are experts in making shoes and they impress us constantly with their commitment to the excellence and innovation that allows DEEOHS to take it’s place as “Mexico’s first premium sneaker brand” as recognized by media outlets including Huffington Post, Kicks on Fire, Footwear News and many others.



We are also honored that our DEEOHS business with our family of artisans grows. They continue to pass along this art the low-income workers who surround and migrate to their town. The result is that children are growing up in families that are under better conditions, leading the way for a bright future for Mexico as a country.


From the hands of artisans, each DEEOHS shoe arrives in our factory in the city center of Leon, Mexico, where we have been in the fashion business for decades. Our humble factory has worked in the creation of shoes for global and region footwear brands, covering everything from cowboy boots to running sneakers under the name GRUPO SORE. Through this work, we have developed a reputation for manufacturing innovation and attention to high quality. Based on these partnerships and our own company values, we run our factory with a strict set of standards of ethical production. All our workers are over the age of 18 years old and we work closely to insure fair wages, healthy working conditions, and family support to our team.



The handcrafted aspect of DEEOHS intersects with new technology to create a modern looking hybrid of a Huarache and athletic sneaker. Our factory is outfitted with the latest sewing and footwear manufacturing machinery, rivaling much larger global operations. Our skilled employees utilize unique design techniques to merge modern street-style trends with athletic inspired comfort, using machines to apply the artisan crafted upper to the custom stacked leather or sneaker sole structure of our shoes.


Each final DEEOHS shoe travels a very limited amount in its production, and always arrives in bulk transport to ensure we are acting in the best interests our planet. Our team couples our “act locally” mantra across production cycle where we make a conscious business decision to use recycled cardboard packing box, and we work with the Mexican GTO and FEDEX International to expedite delivery impact on shipping across the world.